Outlining WA Labor’s Plan for Better Transport

At the April METRONET forum, WA Labor Opposition Leader Mark McGowan, Shadow Minister for Transport, Planning, Infrastructure and Finance Rita Saffioti, and Labor Candidate for Swan Hills Jessica Shaw outlined how Labor’s METRONET plan can benefit Ellenbrook and the surrounding communities.

METRONET includes a mix of solutions aimed at improving roads, providing better bus networks and cycle routes, and delivering the all-important train line – a promise made to the community by the Liberals at the last two elections, and then immediately broken as soon as they won government.

WA Labor’s METRONET plan includes:

1. Building the Morley-Ellenbrook rail line
2. Fixing congestion on our roads
3. Connecting Ellenbrook to an integrated transport network including bus connections

We believe METRONET will bring a number of benefits to the community.

1. Easing traffic congestion will reduce travel times and the stress associated with the daily commute, allowing people to spend less time on the road and more time with their families and friends.

2. The development of a train station in Ellenbrook will ‘complete’ the town centre, creating a vibrant social space with new retail, commercial and residential developments and generating local jobs.

3. A rail line and better bus and cycle networks will provide access to affordable transport, allowing people to travel to a wider range of employment centres. People will also have easier access to schools, medical and other services, and will be able to reach entertainment centres and participate in other recreational activities.

Community Suggestions

The strong attendance at the METRONET Forum demonstrated the high level of community interest in this vital issue. People care about how our community’s transport infrastructure will develop and are frustrated with the current situation.
At the forum, community members made a series of suggestions about how local transport could be improved and answered three key questions:

1. Where do you want to connect to?
2. What improvements in Public Transport do you want to see in the local area?
3. What road upgrades are your priorities?


• Midland
• Joondalup
• Perth Airport
• Canning Vale
• Welshpool
• Fremantle
• Perth CBD
• Malaga
• Ballajura
• Bullsbrook
• Mandurah
• Wangara and
• Landsdale


1. Better connections in the local area, between Ellenbrook, Aveley and The Vines
2. Improved bus services including:
          a. Earlier and later timetables
          b. Greater frequency of services on weekends
          c. A direct line to Joondalup and ECU
          d. Regular services to Midland, particularly for health services
          e. Park and Ride service for The Vines
          f. A dedicated bus lane at Annie’s Landing
          g. Smaller capacity buses for low periods
3. Better pricing of tickets
4. Utilisation of the existing rail line
5. Allow bikes on trains during peak periods
6. Cycle paths
7. Train line for Bullsbrook
8. Better footpath access and larger bus stops to provide cover from the weather, particularly for seniors.


• Lord Street
• Intersection Reid Highway and West Swan Road
• More roads north of Ellenbrook
• Beechboro Road 
• Millhouse Road and West Swan Road intersection
• Better lighting and fencing for Millhouse Road and Chateau Place
• Reid Highway dual carriageway
• Reid Highway bike lanes and paths
• Bus lanes on Gnangara Road with a line to the train station
• Bus link/ infrastructure to Bullsbrook
• Better turn offs on West Swan Road for tourists
• Any road upgrades to take into account future rail

Taking a Closer Look

On Sunday 18th September, a second consultation forum was held, with strong attendance from the local community. At this forum, we took a closer look at the issues raised in April.

East-West Connections

You told us:

• Better connections are needed between Joondalup and Ellenbrook
• An east-west bus route should facilitate access to: Gnangara Road, Alexander Drive, Ocean Reef Road, Malaga, Ballajura, Wanneroo Road, Whitfords train station, Joondalup hospital and the Joondalup town centre
• Services should be timed to allow people to get to work on time and help them access health care, education facilities and shopping centres.
• Consultation should be undertaken specifically with youth and seniors
• Consideration should be given to expanding the 450 service from Warwick.

Local Connections

You told us: 

• The community needs improved access to local medical centres, aged care facilities, residential lifestyle villages, schools, the planned METRONET train station and local shopping centres
• Public transport should support the local tourism industry
• A circle line could be considered to connect: Aveley, The Vines, Ellenbrook, Upper Swan, Henley Brook and Belhus

Train Station Facilities

You told us the METRONET Ellenbrook Train Station should:

• Have adequate security, including surveillance cameras, security patrols and an enhanced police presence
• Be linked to other modes of transport and have good ‘end of journey’ facilities
• Support the development of the town centre and provide local jobs and small business opportunities
• Be close to health services (and extended opening hours)

Next Steps

We are very grateful for the input provided by forum attendees. It is only by talking directly with local residents and listening to your ideas that we are able to meet the community’s needs.

There is a lot of work to be done to achieve our community’s goals, and as your WA Labor Candidate for Swan Hills, Jessica Shaw is keen to continue working with residents.


Jessica Shaw is committed to raising awareness of the transport challenges faced by people in Ellenbrook, Aveley and The Vines.

She will travel with local members of the community to understand the difficulties they experience getting to work, university or TAFE, attending medical appointments, or even just doing the school run.

If you have a horror commute and want to help Jessica raise awareness, please get in touch and invite her to come along with you! Together, we will make sure our transport issues get the attention they deserve!


Thank you again for your interest in METRONET. We’re looking forward to ongoing engagement with you, to ensure that the solutions we provide reflect the needs of the community.

Let’s work together to deliver better quality public transport outcomes for Ellenbrook, Aveley and The Vines!

Contact Jessica Shaw for Swan Hills:
Phone: 0481 865 377
Email: jessica.shaw@walabor.org.au
Website: swanhills.walabor.org.au
Facebook: Jessica Shaw for Swan Hills
Twitter: @Jess4SwanHills